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Grace Baptist Missionaries


Canto rBro. and Mrs. Stephen and  Kimiyo  Japan

Castillo Bro .Ramon Zaragoza, N.L., Mexico

Davis Bro. and Mrs. Arlan and Ellen C.A.M.O. Ministry to the Military

Deal Bro. and Mrs. Steve, Director, and Amie  Philippine Children's Home

Doolittle Bro. and Mrs .Peter and Zerlene  Brazil

Files Bro. and Mrs. J. Daniel and Lisa Thailand

Fried Evangelist and Mrs. K. Daniel and Rebecca Evangelism

Garcia Bro. and Mrs. Andrew and Amber Project Win Honduras

Gibbs Dr. and Mrs. David and Glorianne  K. Christian Law Association

Hamilton Bro. and Mrs. Paul and Susan Moldova

Hemmer Bro. and Mrs. Ruediger and Sabine Germany

Hernandez Bro. and Mrs. Johnathan and Stephanie Amazon Area in Brazil

Hoffman Bro. and Mrs. Bob and Maureen Family Net International

Hoffmeister Bro. and Mrs. James and Beverly Church Planting 

Juliuson Bro. and Mrs. Ralph and Patty Missionary Partners to Italy

Larson Bro. and Mrs. Bob, Director, and Jennifer Reseeding America Church Re-opening/Planting

Lawrence Bro. and Mrs. Mark and Rose Germany

McCarley Bro. and Mrs .Frank and Paula Deaf

Mitchell Pastor and Mrs .E. S. and Leigh Men and Women in Crisis

Morales Bro. and Mrs. Christopher Open Doors

Moseley Mrs .Bonney Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Peyton Bro. and Mrs. Dan and Edith Chihuahua, Mexico

Ridge Bro. and Mrs. Mike and Delia Church Planting in Oklahoma

Robertson Bro. and Mrs. Tom and Connie Chile

Rose Bro. and Mrs. Paul and Celeste Peru

Sullivan Bro. and Mrs. Joshua and Meagan South Africa

Torres Bro. and Mrs. Pedro and Charro Spain

Van Voltenberg Bro. and Mrs. James A. and Kim Scotland

Vodounou Bro. and Mrs. Victor and Benoite Deaf in Africa

West Bro. and Mrs. Joe an d Debbie Poland

Yaws Bro. and Mrs. John R. and Virginia Death Row Prison Chaplain

Bible Study and Sermons

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