Cantor, Bro. and Mrs. Stephen and Kimiyo, Japan 

Rose, Bro. and Mrs. Paul and Celeste, Peru

Peyton, Bro. and Mrs. Dan and Edith, Mexico

Hoot, Bro. and Mrs. Aaron and Stacy, Church Planting
Torres, Bro. and Mrs. Pedro and Carra, Spain

Doolittle, Bro. and Mrs. Peter and Zerlene, Brazil

West, Bro. and Mrs. Joe and Debbie, Poland

Lawrence, Bro. and Mrs. Mark and Rose, Germany

Hoffmeister, Bro. and Mrs. James and Beverly, Trinidad

Fried, Evangelist and Mrs. K. Daniel and Rebecca, Hope of Israel Baptist Mission

Ridge, Bro. and Mrs. Mike and Delia, Church Planting in Oklahoma

Morales, Bro. and Mrs.C., Open Doors

Moseley, Bro. and Mrs. Shiner and Bonney, Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Yaws, Bro. and Mrs. John R. and Virginia, Death Row Prison Chaplain

Files, Bro. Daniel, Thailand

Hemmer, Bro. and Mrs. Ruediger and Sabine, Germany

Robertson, Bro. and Mrs. Tom and Connie, Chile

Davis, Bro. Arlan, Military in New Jersey

McCarley, Bro. and Mrs. Frank and Paula, Deaf

Hernandez, Bro. and Mrs. Johnathan and Stephanie, Amazon Area in Brazil

Gibbs, Dr. David, Legal Assistance to Christian Entities      

Vodounou, Bro. Victor, Deaf in Africa
Hoffman, Bro. Bob, and Mrs. Maureen, Missionaries to Cyberspace

Hamilton, Bro. Paul, Moldovia

Larson, Reseeding America, Director

Juliuson, Bro. Ralph and Patty, Missionary Partners, Croatia

Peoples Baptist, Corpus Christi, Texas 

Bro. Castillo, Mexico

Asian Children's Home, Philippines

Medeiros, Bro. Travis and Mrs. Sarah, Church Planting, Oahu, Hawaii

Sullivan, Bro Josh, South Africa

Voltenberg, Bro. James, Scotland


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